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Once a month we like to pick blog articles from other sources that we feel are interesting enough to talk about on the Planet Mainframe blog. Here are this month’s picks:

Customers Don’t Care About Open Banking

An interesting thought in an article on Compare the Cloud website – Customers Don’t Care About Open Banking. It hits the nail on the head – they don’t care about what’s behind anything, as long as it works, and works reliably. They make a great point about open banking, but the concept can be applied to many things. For example, most customers don’t realize that every time they pay a bill, take out some cash, buy something on Amazon, or fill up with gas, they are initiating a mainframe transaction at one or more financial institutions. Do they care that there’s a mainframe back there? Probably not, but at the end of the day, they’re probably darn glad there is…

See more here: Compare the Cloud.

You Don’t Have To Be A Z/OS Expert To Understand The Concepts Of Performance Analysis And Capacity Planning

An interesting perspective from the trenches – some thoughts on capacity planning from Mark Cohen on the CMG blog, re : You Don’t Have To Be A Z/OS Expert To Understand The Concepts Of Performance Analysis And Capacity Planning. We’ve talked a lot here at Planet Mainframe about mainframe capacity planning, but sometimes it’s just gobble-de-goop of you’re not a capacity panning professional. Here’s something for folks with less knowledge in the field, but with no less of a need to make positive changes in their IT environments.
See more here: CMG article.

Preserving Valuable IT and Mainframe Practices

Another fine article by Planet Mainframe friend Reg Harbeck – Preserving Valuable IT and Mainframe Practices on the IBM DestinationZ blog. He makes a great point about how much useful information (or perhaps even business-critical information?) is locked away in the heads of a company’s most experienced people, many of whom are set to retire soon… A nice article, worth a read.

See more here: article.

Zowe Overview

Here is a video on Youtube that covers the basic premise behind the Zowe framework – heck, it’s easier than reading up on it, right? Worth a look…

See more here: Youtube video.

REXX performance considerations

We’re always checking is with the folks at longpelaexpertise, and they rarely disappoint with some of the best geeky segues out there. And ‘Improving REXX Performance’ by Davis Stephens is no less geeky, and no less useful. IBM isn’t looking very carefully at Rexx for tech investment these days, and I guess who can blame them. But that doesn’t mean nobody’s using it out there, and if you’re desperate to find ways to increase efficiency or save on resource usage (and $$), this is a rock that shouldn’t be left unturned. Definitely worth a look…

See more here: Longpela article.

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