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Once a month (or so) we like to pick blog articles from other sources that we feel are interesting enough to talk about on the Planet Mainframe blog. Here are this month’s picks:

Of Wildcards, Regular Expressions and Mainframe Security

An interesting article the TechChannel website: by Planet Mainframe regular Reg Harbeck: Of Wildcards, Regular Expressions and Mainframe Security. We missed this article when Reg published it last year, but like many things in the datacenter security world, it carries just as much or more relevance today. Well worth a look.

See more here:

New Z Coming

Alan Radding at DancingDinosaur talks about the upcoming successor to IBM’s z15 mainframe, due out in the second quarter of 2022. He says that the new system will use IBM’s new 7 nm Telum z16 microprocessor chip manufactured by Samsung(!) It should meet the demands IBM clients face for gaining AI-based insights from their data without compromising response time for high volume transactional workloads. Not much detail, but first peeks rarely are very detailed!

See more here: (you’ll have to scroll down a bit to “Upcoming Z”, as the article wasn’t indexed at the time of this reference).

Does the Latest Enterprise COBOL Compiler Eliminate Coding Performance Errors?

Interesting article by the experts at Longpela Expertise, about the latest COBOL compiler—David Stephens talks about performance using the latest version of Enterprise COBOL, looking at usage and some useful tips. As always, definitely worth a read.

See more here: Longpela Expertise.

Jenkins and z/OS – Creating a Jenkins Node on z/OS

Another interesting techie article, this one from the experts at Triton Consulting –James Gill talks about the use of Jenkins DevOps on z/OS. Very well written and perfect for anyone looking for DevOps solutions in their mainframe shop.… Absolutely worth a read.

See more at: Triton Consulting.

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While the PlanetMainframe blog is the best place to learn about the latest in mainframe talk, there are several other places worth looking in at:

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