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Once a month we like to pick blog articles from other sources that we feel are interesting enough to talk about on the Planet Mainframe blog. Here are this month’s picks:

10 Rules for Succeeding as a DBA

An interesting article by Planet Mainframe friend Craig Mullins in his blog Data Technology Today about 10 Rules for Succeeding as a DBA. Craig has written tech books for DBAs, but this article is more about the non-tech aspects of doing a good job as a DBA. Worth a look.

See more here: Data and Technology Today article

10 Agreements That Can Save You Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

Interesting list from industry expert Cheryl Watson on the CMG blog, re : 10 Agreements That Can Save You Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars. We’ve talked a lot here at Planet Mainframe about mainframe capacity and mainframe pricing, and Cheryl gives us a great top-10 list on what your priorities should be.

See more here: CMG article

The Best New-Collar Job: A Mainframe Technician?

A recent ITBusinessEdge article by Rob Enderle about there being some 84,000 mainframe jobs available by 2020, and some 10,000 mainframe people retiring every day (do the math to get the sense of urgency). He talks about how jobs in the mainframe biz might protect new people from skills obsolescence. Definitely worth a read…

See more here: ITBusinessEdge article

Where else to go

While the PlanetMainframe blog is the best place to learn about the latest in mainframe talk, there are several other places worth looking in at:

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