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As you know, we like to pick blog articles from other sources that we feel are interesting enough to talk about on the Planet Mainframe blog. Here are this month’s picks:

Quantum Secured Cryptography

A great article worth spotlighting by Planet Mainframe friend Allan Radding on the Dancing Dinosaur blog, Quantum Secured Cryptography. With over 9 billion data records stolen or lost since 2013, data security risk challenges are still prevalent in 2022. These data breaches span the globe and have been dubbed a “global epidemic”. Why? The cost and difficulty to do encryption at scale. Also, applying encryption in cloud data centers and corporate is prone to performance degradation. IBM believes the cure for this epidemic is pervasive encryption.

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Modernization and the Mainframe as a Service

Some would say out with old as they usher in newer technologies to replace predecessors that may no longer meet the demands of the changing times. In this article by Trevor Eddolls on the TechChannel site, Modernization and the Mainframe as a Service, readers will see how mainframe organizations are looking ahead to the future and working to debunk the notion that “mainframe is a dated technology.” How do companies stay with the mainframe as experienced staff move towards retirement? Is outsourcing IT the best strategy?

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6 Industries Where Mainframes are Still King

If you are wondering what industries still rely on mainframe, you will enjoy this article by Christopher Tozzi on Precisely, 6 Industries Where Mainframes are Still King. Tozzi highlights that mainframe sales by IBM, for example, demonstrate that it is still integral in prominent industries, banking, government, insurance, healthcare, retail and aviation.

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Has the cloud caught up with the mainframe?

An interesting article on cloud and whether or not it measures up to mainframe by Tony Lock on Computer Weekly, Has the cloud caught up with the mainframe? Cloud has made great leaps concerning operational efficiency, security and privacy. But, mainframe still reigns supreme. This is evident with the recent launch of the IBM z16. That being so, Cloud offers the ability to “spin up dedicated specialized environments, e.g. for AI or analytics.” What do you think?

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