This February 21 through 23, Computer Measurement Group, known as CMG, will offer its 48th annual conference, IMPACT. For almost half of a decade, the non-profit organization has brought together enterprise technology professionals for sessions and networking with an emphasis on peer-to-peer learning and exchange.

But why peer-to-peer learning? It’s simple; that’s how CMG began. Creating a volunteer-led, vendor-neutral, INTERNATIONAL conference, before the time of email and internet is no small feat, but those are the key points of CMG origin story.

At IMPACT, I have learned new methods, kept up with best practices, and watched our industry evolve first-hand by listening to and interacting with some of the world’s leading IT experts in both vendor and customer spaces.

Jonathan Gladstone, I/T Capacity & Configuration Planner @ BMO Financial Group

CMG provides its members the education, networking, and leadership opportunities vital to success in today’s competitive industry. This year’s IMPACT conference will be another opportunity to hear directly from the professionals doing the work.

Some of the sessions that IMPACT attendees can expect:

  • Resolution of Hidden Issues of ML Algorithms Using Geometrical Projection of the Data TransformationsJayanta Choudhury, Principal Data Scientist @ Ericsson Inc.
  • Understanding Mainframe Costs in Business TermsSteven Thomas, Chief Technology Officer @ SMT Data
  • Quantum Security: Threats and OpportunitiesPietro Tiberi, IT Manager @ Banca d’Italia
  • Seven steps to prepare your business for the Metaverse and for Web 3.0Andrea Iorio, Futurist
  • Performance (and load) testing in production!Leandro Melendez, DevRel Performance Advocate @ Grafana K6
  • The New Mainframe GenerationChiara Baldan, Data Engineer @ Sogei
  • Languishing with Laggards—Moving from Dead Ops to DevOpsJason Davis, Distinguished Engineer @ Cisco Systems
  • Cloud Usage Data. Cleansing, Aggregation, Summarization, Interpretability and UsabilityIgor Trubin, Lead Data Engineer @ CapitalOne Bank
  • Queuing Theory at Work—Tricks and Kinks during Gatling SimulationsXiaosong Lou, Principal Performance Engineer @ ForgeRock

Whether attending the 3-day virtual conference or joining the 2-day in-person event in Atlanta, attendees will have access to presentations, tech-demos, best-in-class industry sponsors and connection events with fellow specialists during this valuable event.

Learn more about CMG and the IMPACT Conference at

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