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Once a month (or so) we like to pick blog articles from other sources that we feel are interesting enough to talk about on the Planet Mainframe blog. Here are this month’s picks:

Digitization and Modernization Heads Up: Start With Applications

Interesting article by Colin Oakhill on the SHARE blog, Digitization and Modernization Heads Up: Start with Applications. A recent Gartner report shared that 87% of senior business leaders call digital modernization a top priority. In its “IT Roadmap for Digital Business Transformation,” Gartner details the steps for the best way to scope, scale and lead business transformation to positive financial results. And one of the startling findings was that “the transformation journey is taking large enterprises especially at least twice as long and costing twice as much as they originally anticipated.” …Definitely worth a read.

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Protect the Mainframe from Quantum Threats

Interesting article by Planet Mainframe friend Alan Radding on the Dancing Dinosaur blog, Protect the Mainframe from Quantum Threats. Today, it is estimated that more than half of core business processes may still run on a mainframe system. But maintaining and relying on these now antiquated applications pose cost and, soon, quantum security risks. … As always, definitely worth a read.

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IBM Reaffirms Commitment to Hybrid Cloud, AI and Security Initiatives

An informative article by Laura DiDio at TechChannel, IBM Reaffirms Commitment to Hybrid Cloud, AI and Security Initiatives. BM is doubling down on its oft-stated immediate and long-term strategic commitment to leverage hybrid cloud, AI and advanced cyber security technologies to accelerate and drive digital reinvention and sustainability.

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The Mainframe “Cloud Journey” is Here

An article more than a year old, but oh so relevant today – Planet Mainframe regular Gil Peleg talks about the mainframe “cloud journey” on the website: The mainframe “cloud journey” is here. The phrase “where you sit is where you stand” is becoming increasingly prevalent in the modern tech space. It is a clever way of making the point that the position a person occupies professionally or in an organization, strongly influences their views on almost everything. Thus, cloud vendors and people that have committed to cloud or grown up with the cloud see only one future for IT, and it’s not on premises. Similarly, mainframe experts have heard it all before…

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Mainframe Open Education—Help Us Help the Next Generation of Mainframers

An interesting article the Open Mainframe Project website ( Mainframe Open Education – Help Us Help the Next Generation of Mainframers. Mainframe Open Education will do just that. Mainframe Open Education (MOE), a project by the Open Mainframe Project, is bringing the concept of open source to Mainframe education and training. The mission is to deliver mainframe users a convenient platform to create or donate learning tools so we cultivate skills and all for knowledge sharing and community contributions…

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