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Once a month we like to pick articles from other blogs that we feel are interesting enough to talk about on the Planet Mainframe blog. Here are this month’s picks:

How to Survive on a Frozen Mainframe Budget and Grow It

Interesting article by Steven A. Menges on the enterprisesystemsmedia online publication: How to Survive on a Frozen Mainframe Budget and Grow It.  “Many organizations are freezing mainframe budgets, not considering the spike in transactions and increasingly demanding service level agreements. Additional mainframe transactions aren’t driving more revenue; the same end users are just using different—and more—available resources and service channels. For example, globally there is a higher number of banking transactions, but people aren’t necessarily keeping more money in banks. With brick and mortar locations, ATMs and mobile apps, consumers are just doing more frequent transactions, using more computing power…”

See more here: EnterpriseSystemsMedia article.

Enterprise Networks: Bottleneck Detection and Fabric Performance Impact Monitoring

An article by Steve Guendert, Ph.D. on the Enterprise Tech Update online journal – Enterprise Networks: Bottleneck Detection and Fabric Performance Impact Monitoring – talks about how handling bottlenecks is changing. Show the difference between contemporary SAN bottleneck handling, and newer techniques.

See more here: Enterprise Tech Update article.

IBM Systems Magazine reader’s survey

An IBM Systems Magazine reader’s survey reveals what people’s biggest concerns are among mainframe users. Not too many surprises – do they line up with your concerns?

See more here: IBM Systems Magazine article.

Meet the new IBM LinuxONE Emperor II

Another interesting article from our friend Alan Radding over at DancingDinosaur: “Meet the new IBM LinuxONE Emperor II”. The new LinuxONE Emperor II promises very high levels of security and data privacy assurance while rapidly addressing unpredictable data and transaction growth.  It is being positioned as the premier Linux system for highly secured data serving. To that end, it promises workload isolation and pervasive encryption, encryption of data at rest without application change, protection of data in flight over the network, and much more.

See more here: DancingDinosaur article

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