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Once a month we like to pick articles from other blogs that we feel are interesting enough to talk about on the Planet Mainframe blog. Here are this month’s picks:

APIs in mainframe environments

Interesting article by Joseph Gulla as part of his series on new technology in the IBM Systems Magazine online publication – APIs: The Chicken or the Egg. He talks about how APIs are the intersection between the need for modernization and the need for generating new business in mainframe environments.  Old APIs, access methods like QSAM and VSAM, are vital and still in use, but the new APIs have found their use in the data-sharing setting to save costs and improve efficiency.

See more here: IBM Sysmag article

Mainframe DevOps vs. Bimodal IT: Adapt or Become Extinct

Interesting article by Mark Schettenhelm on the Enterprise Tech Update broadcast – Mainframe DevOps vs. Bimodal IT: Adapt or Become Extinct. “Since the very beginning of the modern computing era, batch processing has played an important role in information technology. At first batch processing was all there was. Some readers will remember, perhaps fondly, the days of punched cards or paper tape, submitting jobs and waiting for the output. Over time, technology advanced and online processing became more prevalent…”

See more here: Enterprise Tech Update


Mainframe-based business rules.

DestinationZ article on mainframe-based business rules – Denise P. Kalm provided some insight on modern business rules processing on the mainframe.  “Business rules are how companies make money. They represent value, but like caches of diamonds, they can be very hard to find. When challenged to web- or mobile-enable your code, you will often find that the lack of knowledge of what the code is really doing will hold you back.”

See more here: DESTINATIONz article.

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