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Once a month (or so) we like to pick blog articles from other sources that we feel are interesting enough to talk about on the Planet Mainframe blog. Here are this month’s picks:

Pennsylvania screws up mainframe migration

An interesting article the Penn Live website ( Jobless in Pa. livid over new unemployment system errors as state declares victory. It seems that there are always new stories about failed IT mega-projects started to ‘get rid of the dusty old mainframes.’ The article was covered extensively by one of the reddit mainframe subreddits: A rush to get off the mainframe. See more here:

Planet Mainframe articles featured on IBM website

What is the mainframe without IBM? Well, nothing really. IBM in many way, is all about the mainframe, and when we can contribute to what IBM is telling the world, that’s what we’re all about! Check out these articles by DataKinetics’ CEO Allan Zander (6 Ways IZTA In-memory Technology Can Save You), and IBM Gold Consultant and Information Champion Craig Mullins (The Benefits of In-Memory Processing). And there’ll be more to come! See more here:

AIOPS Inclusive of Mainframe: 3 Keys to Success

Interesting article by Nicole Fagen on SHARE’d Intelligence, the blog arm of the SHARE organization, AIOPS Inclusive of Mainframe: 3 Keys to Success. AIOps is all the rage right now, with IBM making a big push in that direction—and it’s about time the whole industry gets on board with including the mainframe in all of their forward-thinking activities… Definitely worth a read. See more here: SHARE’d Intelligence.

How to Defend Your Mainframe From Various Hacking Techniques and Insider Threats

Planet Mainframe contributor Trevor Eddolls talks about how to defend your mainframe against nefarious attacks on the Tech Channel blog: How to Defend Your Mainframe From Various Hacking Techniques and Insider Threats. Mainframe systems are considered very secure against hackers, but as Eddolls asks, they why are there cases of successful hacks? Well, he’s got some answer in this article, and discusses remedies. As always, worth a look.

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