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Once a month (or so) we like to pick blog articles from other sources that we feel are interesting enough to talk about on the Planet Mainframe blog. Here are this month’s picks:

Planet Db2

The resurrected Planet Db2 blog is chugging along just fine, with new articles from Henrik Loeser, Craig Mullins, Robert Catterall, Shaikh Quader and Larry Strickland. Apparently, you can request they add your Db2 blog content to their aggregator. Definitely worth a look for the Db2 crowd. See more here:

The Business Benefits of Modernizing IBM Z and IBM i

An interesting article by Jim Utsler on the tech blog: Utsler talks about (shudder) modernization and even (double-shudder) replatforming, but it’s not really about replatforming when we’re talking about z/OS. In fact, folks are “modernizers are more satisfied with their IBM Z or IBM i DX capabilities than replatformers…” Still, definitely worth a read. See more here:

2021 IBM Hybrid Cloud Predictions

Another interesting article by Planet Mainframe friend Alan Radding on the DancingDinosaur blog: 2021 IBM Hybrid Cloud Predictions. The DancingDinosaur tells us about how radically IBM is shifting focus on to the hybrid cloud. But the good news is that the mainframe is definitely part of that picture, not only in the form of LinuxONE, but also IBM Z. Have a look for yourself. See more here:

Where else to go

While the PlanetMainframe blog is the best place to learn about the latest in mainframe talk, there are several other places worth looking in at:

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