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Once a month (or so) we like to pick blog articles from other sources that we feel are interesting enough to talk about on the Planet Mainframe blog. Here are this month’s picks:

What Makes CICS, a Mixed Language Application Server, So Special?

An interesting article by Ezriel Gross on the IBM Systems Media blog: Gross explains how CICS can process an enormous amount of work in a very short period of time, and how it’s used for mission critical applications like bank account transactions and credit card processing.. Definitely worth a read. See more here:

DB2 for z/OS Locking for Application Developers

Another interesting article on Db2 by Gareth Copplestone-Jones on the Triton Consulting blog: DB2 for z/OS Locking for Application Developers Part 9. It’s actually part 9 in a series – a link is provided up front to access the whole series – it’s worth the effort. In this installment, Gareth gets into the weeds on techniques for guaranteeing data integrity when using read-only cursors with searched updates – but please have a look; this is great stuff. Have a look for yourself. See more here:

Reframe: The People Factor

A podcast with George DeCandio, Mainframe CTO at Broadcom on the Broadcom blog: Frame Podcast Episode 1: The People Factor. Among other things the cast explains new development environments and innovations changing the ways we work on the mainframe. Worth a listen. Hear more here:

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While the PlanetMainframe blog is the best place to learn about the latest in mainframe talk, there are several other places worth looking in at:

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