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Once a month we like to pick articles from other blogs that we feel are interesting enough to talk about on the Planet Mainframe blog. Here are this week’s picks:

9 Challenges Slowing Blockchain Deployment

Very interesting article by Cynthia Harvey in a recent edition of the InformationWeek in Review online publication: “9 Challenges Slowing Blockchain Deployment”.
One of those annoying 10-click articles, but there are some imposing points to consider, particularly:

Throughput and Scale, the throughput on an equity market is probably 3,000 to 4,000 tps (and mainframe batch clearance dwarfs this), but blockchain technology is limited to a fraction of that…

Costs, Deloitte says that just validating and sharing Bitcoin transactions exceed $600 million per year. Think about that. How about all of the transactions performed by any large Wall St. bank. Mainframe computing is starting to look pretty cheap in comparison…

See more here: Information Week article.

Don’t Let Blockchain Cost Savings Hype Fool You

Another interesting article by Jason Bloomberg on “Don’t Let Blockchain Cost Savings Hype Fool You”.
The article mentions an Accenture and McLagan report that says that blockchain promises cost savings for banks so dramatic, it will disrupt many lines of business and core banking functions, reducing costs by as much as 70% or more. PwC has echoed this message, citing a Santander FinTech study saying that is will reduce financial services infrastructure cost between US$15 billion and $20 billion per annum by 2022. On the other side of the coin though, industry experts from DataKinetics and CA and others talk about the capabilities of blockchain, and the hidden costs associated with it might not justify this optimism.

See more here: Forbes article.

New types of AI cyberattacks will require your attention

Very interesting article / podcast by Nicole Laskowski in a recent edition of Schooled in AI on SearchIO online publication: “Relentless AI cyberattacks will require new protective measures”. An interview with security and privacy expert Jason hong, who warns about pending AI super-cyber attacks: “Oh yeah, it’s going to happen. It’s sort of a question of when it’s going to happen.”

See more here: SearchIO article.

Big Changes for Db2 Analytics Accelerator

Very interesting article by Troy L Coleman in blog post on his DbTutor blog: “Big Changes for Db2 Analytics Accelerator”.  DAA has been redesigned. It runs on more powerful, Db2-centric hardware that allows for unprecedented acceleration rates. It also comes with a new deployment option that doesn’t require external hardware but runs exclusively in a dedicated LPAR on existing IBM Z hardware.

See more here: Db2Tutor article.

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