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Once a month we like to pick articles from other blogs that we feel are interesting enough to talk about on the Planet Mainframe blog. Here are this month’s picks:

Data Lineage Matters More Than Ever

Very interesting article by Denise Kalm in a recent edition of the DestinationZ online publication: “Data Lineage Matters More Than Ever”.  Data lineage can be thought of as the lifecycle of your data. Where does it come from? Where is any given piece of data moving to? Where does it end up? It’s all about understanding how data is used and where it’s being used. In many cases, the path is quite complex and will vary based on inputs to the transaction and other state data.

See more here: DestinationZ article.

Hybrid Cloud to Streamline IBM Z

Another very interesting article by Allan Radding on his Dancing Dinosaur blog: “Hybrid Cloud to Streamline IBM Z”.  In it, he tells us that the IBM Z Hybrid Cloud Architecture can be the basis for a complete corporate cloud strategy that encompasses the mainframe, private cloud, and various public cloud offerings, consistent with the message that IBM has always spouted – center the core of your business on the mainframe and then build around it.

See more here: DancingDinosaur article.

The Mainframe is DEAD; Long live the mainframe!

Interesting article by Marcel den Hartog recently on LinkedIn Pulse: “The Mainframe is DEAD; Long live the mainframe!”  He is correct that mainframe shops need the help of the unique innovations contributed by the mainframe software provider ecosystem – and his company, CA is definitely one of them, but don’t forget BMC, DataKinetics, Compuware, Rocket Software, just to name a few others!

See more here: LinedIn Pulse article.

Ten Agreements That Can Save You Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

Very interesting article by Cheryl Watson recently on the CMG blog: “Ten Agreements That Can Save You Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars”.  In it she tells us about how to stay on top of your outsourcers by communicating with them, and putting in place agreements that promote understanding in both directions.

See more here: CMG blog article.

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