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Once a month we like to pick articles from other blogs that we feel are interesting enough to talk about on the Planet Mainframe blog. Here are this week’s picks:

The Engine of Digital Disruption in the API Economy

Very interesting article by Dr. Richard Gamblin in a recent edition of the Enterprise Executive online publication: “IBM Z Systems: The Engine of Digital Disruption in the API Economy”.  A common misperception is that mainframes are somehow irrelevant in the API economy; however, the reality is that they are surprisingly well placed to service the needs of the contemporary developer. Consider that organizations exploit IBM z Systems for its proven track record in high volume transaction processing….

See more here: Enterprise Executive article.

IBM Introduces Cloud Private to Hybrid Clouds

Another interesting article by friend of Planet Mainframe Alan Radding in a recent edition of his DancingDinosaur blog: “IBM Introduces Cloud Private to Hybrid Clouds”.
In it, he tells us about IBM’s new Cloud Private offering that is designed to facilitate integration and portability of workloads, enabling them to evolve to almost any cloud environment, including—especially—the public IBM Cloud.

See what else he has to say about it here: DancingDinosaur article.

Mainframe Cloud Strategy: Drives Business Value

An interesting article by Jim Bryan in a recent edition of the Enterprise Systems Update online publication: “Mainframe Cloud Strategy Drives Business Value”.
The mainframe is a platform that enterprises can count on, especially when its strengthened with Agile and DevOps culture, processes and tools. What enterprises should be wary of is the complex, costly hairball of x86 infrastructure in their data centers. He goes on to discuss the benefits of a mainframe + cloud marriage, cost savings, performance and more.

See more here: Enterprise Systems Update article.

New Security Standard

Another article by Alan Radding, this time on the blog: “New Security Standard – Pervasive encryption, available on IBM z14, offers complete data protection”.
Data security has emerged as a key component of compliance audits and a major driver of the headaches. Any organization that stores customer data or consumer data or any personally identifiable data, whether from employees, partners, contractors or others will face strict compliance security audits. The auditors want to be assured that the data is properly protected and securely stored; they will want to see rigorous documentation to prove it. Mr. Radding goes on to discuss global compliance pressure, cloud compliance and more.

See more here: article.

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