Planet Db2 Announcement

Planet Mainframe, one of the largest IBM mainframe community presences on the Internet has merged with the popular PlanetDb2 blog—one of the longest-running blogs focused specifically on IBM’s Db2 database.

In joining forces, Planet Mainframe will officially become the largest community devoted specifically to the mainframe, its technologies, and its users.

Planet Db2 began aggregating Db2-releated articles more than 10 years ago and has been a popular blog site for Db2 professionals and fans since then—becoming one of the most visited mainframe-related blogs.

The Planet Db2 blog’s popularity and longevity can be easily attributed to the many professionals currently working on Db2 as well to the new generation of grads and other younger programmers who are either working directly with Db2 on the mainframe and other platforms, or interfacing to existing Db2 databases.

“The PlanetDb2 blog has a great legacy; a number of IBM and non-IBM Db2 developers saw the need for a blog to aggregate all of the blog articles floating around the Internet, and a small team of developers donated their time to get Python scripts written, tested and running,” says Keith Allingham, Founder, Planet Mainframe. “As some of the key people moved on, others took their places, allowing it to continue as a major source of Db2 information.”

“Like Planet Mainframe, Planet Db2 content comes from actual users—augmenting and expanding on the information provided by IBM’s teams. That’s the special thing about Planet Db2—it’s discussion about techniques, real-life experiences and opinions, rather than just datasheets and specs. And now, as an integral part of Planet Mainframe, the essence of Planet Db2 will continue to find an environment to share and grow as part of Planet Mainframe.”

About Planet Mainframe

Planet Mainframe began publishing blog articles in 2015. Since then, it has become the most viewed mainframe-specific blog on the Internet. A vendor-neutral and non-sales/marketing blog, Planet Mainframe is expanding to include Planet Db2, with more announcements pending.

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