IBM z16 Day SE

When I first stepped into the world of IBM community last month, I was a neophyte to enterprise computing but keen to learn about the technology sector and innovation.

What I learned was pretty unexpected, to say the least. Aside from finding out that IBM is the backbone of the world’s leading businesses (did you know that IBM is behind 87% of all credit card transactions? But that’s another story for another day), what surprised me was that IBM z16 is for everyone and anyone who has an interest in technology. I was under the impression that the platform was for experienced users only but I couldn’t be more wrong. Sure, there’s a huge group of dedicated IBM z16 users and fans but it’s way more than that.

So leading up to IBM z16 Day SE (Special Edition), I thought – why not have a little fun and show how anyone, anywhere in the world, with an interest in technology can tap into and learn from this free one day conference? With a bit of help from my new best friend Canva, the ‘Should I Attend IBM z16 Day SE’ decision tree was created. Have fun with it!  

(If you prefer to read instead of going through the decision tree maze, I’ve got you covered too! See below for a short snippet of what you can get out of IBM z16 Day SE).

IBM z16 Users and Supporters

  • Be among the first to hear the next generation IBM z16
  • Disrupt the digital era with IBM z16! Hear from IBM customers, subject matter experts and start-ups on their best practices and accelerate your digital transformation and modernization journey
  • Connect with local and global IBM communities

Technology Enthusiasts

  • If you’re interested in AI, Quantum, Hybrid Cloud and Crypto, IBM z16 Day SE conference is for you! The core of the conference is about the journey of modernization to build a sustainable business
  • Interact with speakers in the many live ‘Q&A’ chat on questions you have


  • With 84,000 jobs available for individuals with IBM z16 skills in 2022, now’s the best time to take the leap into learning about enterprise computing! The best part about learning IBM z16 is that no experience is required
  • If you are interested in a pathway to technology, with roles such as application developers. system administrators, security administrators etc or if you are simply curious about where this will lead you, join the conference to find out more
  • Love music? Catch #BeatsonIBM and learn how music creators use IBM z16 and Quantum to drive music innovation.


  • Are you looking for opportunities to learn on demand skill or want to stand out on job applications? Learn about IBM z16’s rich ecosystem and how Enterprise Computing is important to today’s world.
  • The multiple live demos in IBM z16 Day SE provides opportunities for free training so you can watch and learn all at the same time!   

IBM z16 Day SE (Special Edition) is a free 1-day virtual conference on April 5, 2022 for anyone and everyone! Our lineup of global thought leaders will highlight industry trends and innovation spanning AI, Quantum and more. Find out IBM z16 is reliably running the world – always open | on | secure.

Register now:

Originally published on the IBMz and LinuxONE Community Blog.

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