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Jumpstart Z/OS Modernization With New No-Charge Products

IBM has announced that starting July 1, 2024, the Open Enterprise SDK for Python, Z Open Automation Utilities (ZOAU), and Open Enterprise Foundation for z/OS (OEF) will be added as bypassable requisites to z/OS 3.1. 

These technologies, which many IBM Z clients have adopted to modernize their mainframe strategies, are crucial for accelerating application modernization with open-source tools. ZOAU enhances interaction with Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) facilities and data sets via z/OS UNIX System Services and offers Python integration points.

New z/OS 3.1 orders in Shopz will include these bypassable requisite offerings so that they can be ordered to arrive in a deployable aggregated package to streamline the deployment experience. Existing z/OS installations can consider ordering these offerings as separate deployable packages as usual.

Starting July 1st, these offerings will be available at a no-charge license and no-charge Software Subscription and Support (S&S), aiding IBM Z users in efficiently managing z/OS resources and modernizing applications for competitive advantage.

For more product-related information, find the corresponding webpages for Open Enterprise SDK for Python, Open Enterprise Foundation for z/OS, and Z Open Automation Utilities.

Source: IBM

IBM Ansible Core V1.10.0 Release Is Here To Aid Your Automation Journey

The new IBM Ansible z/OS Core v1.10.0 has been released, and it is the first GA version of the IBM z/OS core collection to support IBM Z Open Automation Utilities (ZOAU) version 1.3.x. According to Oscar Fernando Flores Garcia (Senior Software Developer at IBM) considerable effort was made in this release to adopt all the changes from the latest ZOAU release, benefiting the collection with enhancements and bug fixes!

The release blog states that the team focused on adopting new APIs, ensured performance and behaviors remained the same, and met their goal of 100% regression success. Going forward, ZOAU 1.3.0 or later will be required for all subsequent releases. 

The new IBM z/OS Core Ansible version 1.10.0 is now generally available on Galaxy, GitHub, and Automation Hub

Take a moment to read the release blog where you can read in detail the latest changes as well as required actions.

Source: IBM Launches Mainframe Security Posture Management Solution to Modernize Mainframe Data Management, a pioneer in Contextual AI data discovery and classification, has launched its Mainframe Security Posture Management (MSPM) product, leveraging Contextual AI for precise data discovery and classification across mainframe environments. 

This solution enhances how enterprises manage and protect critical data assets, supporting data sources like VSAM files and Db2 on IBM Z, with plans to extend to IMS and flat files. Given that mainframes handle 68% of global IT workloads and are used by 71% of Fortune 500 companies, MSPM addresses significant data security, compliance, and governance challenges, particularly in banking, insurance, healthcare, and government sectors. 

MSPM integrates with various data sources to continuously monitor and analyze sensitive data, creating a unified contextual record for the entire enterprise. This integration supports mainframe modernization in hybrid cloud transformations, ensuring mission-critical information is effectively managed and utilized in enterprise generative AI and other data-intensive applications.

“ MSPM not only provides high accuracy, continuous monitoring, and deep contextual insights, but also ensures that mission-critical information managed by mainframes is fully leveraged in enterprise AI and generative AI initiatives,” said Ashish Gupta, President and CEO of “By unlocking and integrating mainframe data across all enterprise environments, MSPM enhances data visibility, security, and compliance.” 

The Open Mainframe Project Summer 2024 Mentorship Program, COBOL Course Integrated into IBM Z Xplore

The Open Mainframe Project’s Mentorship program remains one of its most popular initiatives, providing over 80 students with hands-on learning in Linux, open source, and mainframes since its inception. For the Summer 2024 term, which began on June 1st, the program received a record 1,600+ applications for 10 mentorship slots. The mentors selected 14 mentees who will gain real-world experience through projects like Zowe, Galasa, Software Discovery Tool, COBOL Programming Course, and App Store UI. This experience prepares them for future career opportunities, with some mentees even returning as mentors in the program.

And in other related news, The Open Mainframe Project’s COBOL course has recently been integrated into the IBM Z Xplore platform. Since the launch of the Open Mainframe Project’s COBOL Programming Course in April 2020, the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) has been holding quarterly meetings to engage learners, COBOL fans, and the broader community. 

These meetings, recorded as video webinars, feature project updates, mentorship success stories, and showcases of young COBOLers and enthusiasts. The course has fostered a vibrant community of over 4,000 learners on Slack, where COBOL enthusiasts support each other in their learning journeys.

Sources: Open Mainframe Project, IBM

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