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DDC IT Services Wins $50m Mainframe Contract from DISA

DDC IT Services (DDC ITS) has secured a $50 million contract from the US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Mainframe Line of Business (LOB). 

This contract, dubbed Mainframe West, is the second major contract the company has won in the past year, following the Mainframe East contract. Mainframe West initially spans one year but holds the potential for an extension of up to four additional years. 

DDC ITS will provide comprehensive mainframe services for DISA and its customers throughout the Department of Defense (DoD), including application hosting, software and hardware management, system and security modernization, and network connectivity solutions. DDC ITS has been serving DISA’s mainframe needs since 2015.

“We are honored that DISA has once again entrusted our team to continue delivering mainframe IT services for both East and West regions,” said Rachel Cross, vice president of Growth and Strategy, Navy and 4th Estate. “Leveraging our extensive mainframe expertise, we are committed to powering DISA’s IT objectives. We look forward to our continued partnership in support of current and future operational milestones.”

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IBM Acquisition of HashiCorp Hits Snag with Shareholder Lawsuit

The acquisition of HashiCorp by IBM, valued at $6.4 billion, is facing a legal challenge from a shareholder named Michelle Graff. The lawsuit, filed in a US Federal court, accuses HashiCorp’s board of directors of breaching their fiduciary duties by prioritizing their own financial benefits over those of the public stockholders. IBM had announced the acquisition plans in April, proposing $35 per share in cash.

“The breakdown of the benefits of the deal indicates that HashiCorp insiders are the primary beneficiaries of the Proposed Transaction, not the Company’s public stockholders such as Plaintiff,” the complaint said. “The Board and the Company’s executive officers are conflicted because they will have secured unique benefits for themselves from the Proposed Transaction not available to Plaintiff as a public stockholder of HashiCorp.”

IBM aims to integrate HashiCorp’s infrastructure provisioning tool, Terraform, to enhance its software business and complement its Red Hat division. This lawsuit could potentially delay or complicate the completion of the acquisition.

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Kyndryl Opens New State-of-the-Art Office Space in Brno

Kyndryl has announced the opening of its new Kyndryl Collaborative Czechia office in Brno’s Vlněna business park. The 5,000-square-meter space blends historic architecture from an old cotton factory with modern design. It aims to leverage local tech talent to drive innovation and help customers modernize their IT estates.

At the new location, Kyndryl professionals will use Kyndryl Bridge, an AI-powered digital integration platform, to deliver services. According to Kyndryl, the new space will facilitate co-creation with customers and help clients across various industries design and deploy IT infrastructure for digital opportunities like AI and machine learning.

“Kyndryl’s announcement today is a testament to its ongoing commitment to Brno and the development of IT skills, which are in high demand. This new space is a significant step forward, and I look forward to further collaboration with Kyndryl within the entire region,” said Jan Grolich, Governor of South Moravia.

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Skyward Data Podcast from Virtual Z Computing: Why Mainframes Matter in the Modern World

Virtual Z Computing has launched the Skyward Data Podcast, featuring exclusive interviews with data operations experts. The podcast explores efficient data handling, storage, and the transformative potential of AI. It aims to uncover the intersection of mainframe expertise, quantum encryption, and cutting-edge technologies using IBM Z, offering insights to help navigate the evolving data landscape.

In the latest episode, host Mark Potts interviews Reg Harbeck, a mainframe enthusiast. Reg discusses the evolution of mainframes from their inception to their pivotal role in today’s technology landscape. He highlights the pioneers who shaped the industry and explains how mainframes remain a cornerstone of modern IT infrastructure, emphasizing their unparalleled reliability and efficiency.

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