Kevin J. Davis

Worked continuously in the Financial Services Industry (primarily on the IT side) for over thirty years.

During this time has worked first-hand on major Industry Initiatives both in the U.K. and in the USA – such as TALISMAN, TAURUS, CREST, (the Bank of England’s) CGO, Counterparty/Client/Settlement Risk Reporting, CHAPS, Model A and B type Clearing, Intra-Day Payment Netting, Capital Gains Tax Reporting, Regulatory Reporting, Trading Interfaces (from DOT through to FIX API’s and beyond), Multi-Instrument and Multi-Currency systems, Direct Market Access and Custodian Services.

In short, I have been pretty much continuously involved with various types of FinTech for the longest time.
personal data
Machine Learning
big data analytics
Data Centers, Mainframes and the rest