Colin Pearce

I have been a z/OS and CICS Systems Programmer for over 30 years and have been teaching more than 25 years.  I have worked in permanent and contract roles.  I have installed CICS and related software many times.

I am well versed in the Application side of CICS using Command level and with CICS Debugging in both the Transaction level and CICS Systems Dumps using IPCS. I have written many courses in CICS namely (CICS for System Programmers, CICS Transaction Debugging, CICS Performance and Tuning, CICS Command Level Programming and CICS Internals).

I am also well versed in z/OS and in 2013 I upgraded the Bank of America z/OS systems from V1.12 to V1.13 on more than 20 LPARS. I have written courses in RACF, SMPE, JES2, TSO/ISPF, JCL, Storage, VSAM and z/OS for System Programmers. I know and have taught Assembler and I’m conversant in COBOL programming language.

I have also written many articles and shared them on Linkedin.

I have conducted training for Customers in many countries, including, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, The Philippines, The Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary and the UK. Many of my customers are from financial industries, and I have worked at and taught for Development Bank of Singapore (DBS), Citibank, Bank of America, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank.

I have taught for IBM in the UK, Australia, India and Singapore.

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