World of Observability and Resiliency

This month at Planet Mainframe we’re delving into the world of observability and resiliency. Far from being buzzwords, the complex nature of modern IT environments makes this a theme worth a lot of spilled ink. 

Our trivia quiz this week will focus on observability. This is a big topic since, by definition, it touches on almost every aspect of a functioning IT environment—from complexity management and resource optimization to security monitoring and compliance and governance.

Observability is like being gifted with an all-seeing eye that allows you to peer into the labyrinth of interconnected systems, identifying the tiniest hiccup or bottleneck before it escalates into a full-blown crisis.

If you’re new to the topic of observability or feel the need of a refresher, you might want to wander over to a recent Planet Mainframe article: ”The importance of Observability in Modern IT Environment” and give it a quick read. Then come back and take our quiz!

1. What is observability in today’s IT terms?


2. What are some core components of observability in IT systems?


3. Which component of observability serves as a system diary, documenting discrete events?


4. How does observability contribute to system stability?


5. What is one challenge associated with implementing observability?


6. What is the role of observability in IT resilience?


7. Which of these is an emerging trend in observability?


8. Which of the following is NOT a best practice for maintaining observability?


9.  What is the purpose of continuous monitoring in observability?


10.  Why is observability essential in today’s IT environment?


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