Longevity Integrity and Humanity

The integrity of both the mainframe platform and the people within the ecosystem have kept the world’s economy humming for 60 years. But don’t just take it from our hosts Greg Lotko and Daniel Newman! This special anniversary episode spotlights the mainframe community, what they love about the platform, their favorite technological advancements, and why the mainframe is critical to our everyday lives.

Broadcom Mainframe Software Division empowers enterprises to amplify the value of their Mainframe investments in ways that drive their business forward. Our market-leading DevOps, AIOps, Security, Data Management, and Core Infrastructure solutions enable clients to adopt common tools using industry standards and integrate mainframe as part of their hybrid cloud. Our commitment to partnership extends beyond software and features Beyond Code programs that give customers the power to achieve greater business success with the platform.

One thought on “Longevity, Integrity, and Humanity: 60 Years of Mainframe”
  1. Being a Mainframmer since 1975, it has allowed me to be and support various platforms, but what I have seem the the rescilience and transpotability of the Mainframe not just in Software, but in all types of Platforms to provide the Client what he needs, and in times anticipate what the Client(s) needs are. From Security to availability, the Mainframe has been there ALWAYS. Thank you for your conitued support in transitioning and allowing us to move forward in the Mainframe Journey.

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