Hybrid Cloud Trivia

You don’t have to know much about mainframes to understand that they don’t exist in the splendid isolation of the past, and the last decade has brought the mainframe into a whole new level of connectivity. 

For many businesses, embracing the modern mainframe means moving towards a hybrid cloud strategy. When this is done well, the mainframe continues to uphold the traditional mainframe guiding principles—security, availability, performance, and scalability—while making all that precious data stored in the mainframe more easily accessible and usable in new ways. 

Our quiz this week covers some Hybrid Cloud 101 content – test yourself and see how you do!

1. Which of these best describes a hybrid cloud strategy?


2. Hybrid cloud refers to a combination of at least HOW MANY computing environments that share information with one another and run a uniform series of applications for a business or enterprise.


3. What does VPN  stand for?


4. Private clouds, once run exclusively on-premises, are now often hosted in:


5. What’s another term for infrastructure as code?


6. What does DR stand for?


7. Kubernetes is Greek for what?


8. Another term for kubernetes is:


9. Kubernetes orchestration and automation gives developers granular, set-it-and-forget-it control over container configuration and deployment, including which of these?


10. According to Rocket Software, what percentage of IT leaders want a hybrid IT model spanning mainframe to cloud?


Sonja Soderlund is an Oregon-based B2B freelance writer. Whether writing about mainframe computers, educational technology, or sustainable retail, she strives to bring clarity to complex issues. Connect with her at sonjasoderlund.com or LinkedIn.

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