Arcati Survey Trivia

The 2024 Arcati Mainframe User Survey has landed, and this year marks the first year for the survey in its new home on the Planet Mainframe website. The survey offers a point-in-time look at organizations’ existing mainframe hardware and software configurations, with responses garnered from across the globe (Europe and North America predominating).

The IT industry sector was heavily represented in the survey, but the survey also had responses from mainframers working in the Banking, Insurance, and Healthcare sectors, among others. Those who participated answered a wide array of questions, detailing training and background to budgets, security, and mainframe strategy (just to name a few).

You should really check out the whole survey, but this trivia challenge brings you a few of the highlights. See how closely you can predict the answers of your mainframe colleagues!

1. Which of these did NOT rank as the top three IT priorities for next year?


2. What was the most common response to what respondents expected to happen to legacy applications on IBM Z over the next three years?


3. What was the most common response to whether respondents’ organizations have a data archiving strategy in place that is compliant with the latest regulations?


4. What percentage of organizations told us that they are currently planning to implement AI/machine learning on their mainframe systems to integrate with current mainframe applications?


5. What percentage of respondents told us that they have no interest in moving existing applications from COBOL to JAVA?


6. What was the least common response to whether respondents expected the mainframe to eventually be replaced entirely by the cloud?


7. What percentage of respondents told us that their mainframe shop is actively deploying pervasive encryption?


8. When survey participants were asked if their organizations have their mainframe systems penetration-tested by internal or external mainframe security experts, about 30% indicated that internal testing had been done. What percentage admitted that they had done no penetration testing at all?


9. Participants were asked about the hiring practices at their corresponding organizations. According to the survey findings, which group has seen the most hiring?


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