Allocating Mainframe Costs and More

The CMG Impact Conference, scheduled for February 6 and 7 in Atlanta, is set to host a series of mainframe sessions that delve into the nuances of performance, analytics, and development within the mainframe environment. Here’s a sneak peek into what attendees can expect:

Allocating Mainframe Costs to the Business: Pitfalls and Tradeoffs

Navigate the complex landscape of cost allocation with insights from SMT Data. This presentation will address the challenging questions of usage, cost, and the intricate process of mapping technical measurements to applications. Attendees will learn about balancing technical accuracy, political acceptability, and simplicity from experts with years of experience in the field.

The Future of AIOps on Mainframe: Data Discovery, ServiceNow, and ChatOps

Discover how to integrate IBM Z with ServiceNow for improved incident remediation and visibility. This session explores IBM Z Discovery’s role within the ServiceNow CMDB and the increasing prevalence of ChatOps in AIOps, especially for mainframe-centric shops looking to streamline incident management.

End-to-End Performance Monitoring to the Mth Tier Using End User Experience

Shift your perspective with a session focused on performance monitoring from the end-user’s vantage point, aligning with Apdex Alliance principles. With the traditional 80/20 rule now flipped, it’s crucial to understand performance impact across the entire data journey, including cloud and mainframe environments, and learn how to avoid siloed monitoring.

Selecting a Mainframe Performance Analytics Platform

Take a journey with the Bank of Montreal’s quest to transition from homegrown analytics to a comprehensive vendor-based solution. This session chronicles the process of narrowing down a long list of potential platforms to the final selection, providing valuable insights for any organization on a similar path.

Evolving the Modern Mainframe Software Development Mindset

Join a session dedicated to the software development processes of a world-class development team. Learn about the tools and practices that ensure high standards for software solutions, fostering an evolved mindset for modern mainframe software development.

These sessions promise to offer a wealth of knowledge for mainframe professionals and enthusiasts. Don’t miss the chance to gain valuable insights and network with industry experts at the CMG Impact Conference.

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