Novice to Expert Trivia

How well do you know mainframes? Here is a quick test to gauge where you fit on the scale of novice to expert when it comes to knowing your mainframe trivia. Give it your best shot.

1. What year was the IBM System/360, a revolutionary mainframe, first introduced?


2. Which operating system, developed by IBM, is most commonly associated with mainframes?


3. What is the typical storage technology used in modern mainframes?


4. What is the significance of multi-processor architecture in mainframes?


5. Which programming language, first appearing in 1959, is most associated with mainframe computing?


6. What is RACF and its role in mainframes?


7. How do mainframes achieve high availability and disaster recovery?


8. Which industry is the largest user of mainframe computers?


9. How are mainframes integrated with cloud computing?


10. In mainframe culture, what iconic phrase, originally from Star Trek, is often humorously adapted to refer to the powerful processing capability of mainframes?


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