Reduce Business Costs with Connected Systems

Last week, Planet Mainframe joined forces with Adaptigent to bring you a webinar session that stands out from the typical ‘mainframe modernization’ talks that often sound like sales pitches for cloud services. Titled Five Ways to Reduce Business Costs with Connected Systems, this session offered a refreshing perspective.

Led by Don Spoerke, a seasoned veteran with three decades of experience in enterprise modernization, and Chase Peery, a skilled software engineer and language-independent developer, this webinar goes beyond theory. It dives into real-world examples spanning industries like air travel, FinTech, and retail, addressing various levels of mainframe complexity.

The key takeaway? The clients in these cases harnessed the power of APIs without the need for coding. Using Adaptive Integration Fabric, they seamlessly ran the API engine across different platforms and even gained direct access to data. Whether you’re grappling with compliance challenges, aiming to stay competitive in your field, or just save some costs, this concise 30-minute session is a worthwhile watch for anyone looking to optimize their business processes.

Don Spoerke

A 30-year veteran in the enterprise modernization space, Adaptigent’s Don Spoerke has collaborated with an impressive list of global FORTUNE companies to intelligently integrate legacy mainframe assets to scale for new business application initiatives. Don provides practical, sound, technical and strategic vision for organizations that seek to expand the role of the mainframe within the enterprise. He works to quickly and cost-effectively integrate mobile, web applications, and cloud-based solutions.

Chase Peery

Chase is a proficient coder, software engineer, and language-independent developer with a love for experimentation. At Adaptigent, Chase serves as an engineer of Adaptive Integration Fabric, focusing on user experience and emerging technologies, prototyping and implementing new features. He gains daily inspiration from learning languages, writing, and playing games of all varieties. 

Amanda Hendley is the Managing Editor of Planet Mainframe and  Co-host of the iTech-Ed Mainframe User Groups.  She has always been a part of the technology community having spent eleven years at Technology Association of Georgia and six years at Computer Measurement Group. Amanda is a Georgia Tech graduate and enjoys spending her free time renovating homes and volunteering with  in Atlanta, Georgia.