Db2 Trivia - The Basics

While databases may not be the sexiest segment of IT history, they are inarguably the backbone of modern information systems. With that in mind, we’re devoting our trivia challenge this week to the enduring data management technology that is Db2.

This massively influential database system emerged from the need for a DBMS that moved beyond the hierarchical structure of IBM’s IMS database. The new (and, at the time, controversial) relational model of database management that emerged in the 1970s eventually became so embedded in the way we think of databases that it’s hard to imagine a time when this idea was revolutionary. 

However, it took ten years for the initial theory to become a reality as the first version of Db2, and the early years were fraught with the usual suspicion and nay-saying of any emerging technology.

Db2’s long history is well worth exploring, as it largely maps the development of big (and not-so-big) business IT needs across the decades. This trivia challenge will help you brush up on your knowledge of its early history. Enjoy!

1. In what year was Db2 first launched?


2. Who originally created the Relational Theory that provided the foundation for Db2?


3. What was the name of the first language developed by IBM’s System R project (the project that Db2 emerged from)?


4. How was the Db2 brand name originally styled?


5. Db2 was originally written in:


6. Which of these was NOT a code name for a Db2 version in development?


7. Generally speaking, IBM introduces a new version of Db2 how often?


8. IBM began Continuous Delivery with which Db2 version?


9. IDUG (International Db2 Users Group) was created in what year?


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