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The 2024 Arcati Mainframe Yearbook is underway! This publication has de facto reference work for IT professionals working with z/OS (and its forerunner) systems since 2005. The Yearbook’s highlights include a comprehensive annual user survey and an up-to-date directory of vendors, consultants, and service providers. It serves as a guide to useful sources of mainframe-related information with its mainframe strategy section with papers on mainframe trends and directions; glossary of terminology; and mainframe evolution section. The 2024 release is in partnership with Planet Mainframe who will be creating a new digital experience with the Yearbook and promoting its release.

The Mainframe User Survey is the real deal. With an unbiased focus on all mainframe technologies and software, the annual mainframe users’ survey delivers a strategic advantage. 

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For example, the 2023 survey explored what percentage of the total IT budget is absorbed by mainframe-related costs and cloud computing (Chart 14 below). Sixty-seven percent of sites say that the bulk of their IT budget is spent on cloud (up from 56% in 2022), leaving 33 percent of sites where most of their expenditure is on the mainframe side. It will be interesting to see how that figure changes since last year.

Respondents were also asked what makes them consider a change of vendor for their mainframe tools and utilities. It’s clear from Chart 16 below, that cost is by far the biggest driver, (70 percent of respondents) even though cheaper tools often offer less functionality, it may be the case that some customers feel the higher-priced software is filled with bloatware that they have to pay for but will never use. ISVs may be pleased to know that 20 percent of sites said they rarely if ever change their software. 

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More than 20,000 mainframe professionals downloaded the Yearbook this year and that number is expected to grow to over 30,000 in 2024 thanks to a new partnership with Planet Mainframe. 

How can you stay in the loop?

Take the annual user survey.

As in previous years, all mainframe professionals are invited to complete the 10-minute survey, which will be released in mid-October. Get notified about the survey and the Yearbook release by joining the Arcati Yearbook mailing list here. All respondents completing the anonymous survey before Friday 27 November will receive early access to the survey results. 

Get in the Vendor Directory.

Vendors, consultants, and service providers can apply for a FREE entry in the vendor directory section by completing this form.

Purchase an Ad, publish a Paper, or become a Sponsor.

Also, as in previous years, there is an opportunity for organizations to sponsor the Yearbook, take out an ad, or contribute an article and survey question. Click here for more information. You can also reach out to Amanda Hendley to sign up.

More than 20,000 mainframe professionals downloaded the Yearbook this year and that number is expected to grow to over 30,000 in 2024 thanks to a new partnership with Planet Mainframe.

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Trevor Eddolls is CEO at iTech-Ed Ltd, and an IBM Champion since 2009. He is probably best known for chairing the Virtual IMS, Virtual CICS, and Virtual Db2 user groups, and is featured in many blogs. He has been editorial director for the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook for many years.

Amanda Hendley is the Managing Editor of Planet Mainframe and  Co-host of the iTech-Ed Mainframe User Groups.  She has always been a part of the technology community having spent eleven years at Technology Association of Georgia and six years at Computer Measurement Group. Amanda is a Georgia Tech graduate and enjoys spending her free time renovating homes and volunteering with  in Atlanta, Georgia.

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