IDUG EMEA took place mid November (15th to 20th) in Dublin, Ireland this year. As a resident IDUG attendee, I’ve noticed that this year there was an even higher concentration of big data talk. But the difference now includes the battle of where the big data analytics should take placewithin z, in the cloud where the rest of the data sits, within the storage component of a third-party analytics solution. The debate goes on and on…

More importantly, there’s a concept of value of data with respect to when the data should be analyzed. We all want to achieve real time data analytics but how, and which solution is the best out there? If someone has a magic ball, please share what you see.

All in all, the DB2 landscape hasn’t changed much over the past year or so. The real focus is still around optimization or ensuring that you are running your DB2 at most optimal rate, the big question of big data continues to brew and beer is always great in Dublin.

2016 is going to be a big year for DB2, with new releases to the major platforms and continual advances to analytics with tools like Spark, location agnostic databases (such as the cloud) and increasing demands from mobile applications, it would be interesting to see how the sessions and conversations will go at IDUG EMEA 2016 in Brussels.

Colin Oakhill is Senior Consultant at Infotel/Insoft corporation. He co-founded Insoft Software GmbH in 1986, a software development, training and consulting firm specializing in mainframe and client/server systems. Colin was the Managing Director til Insoft joined Infotel in 2011. He is a specialist in business plan, sales strategy development and now focuses on new business opportunities coordination within the Infotel group.

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