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Planet Mainframe is the premiere resource for mainframe discussion and sharing information about the industry. Below is a list of informational and educational white papers from leaders in the mainframe space.

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Why You Should Do AIOps With the Mainframe
AIOps Whitepaper

Enterprise IT organizations are moving full-steam-ahead with AIOps initiatives, and the allure is clear: use artificial intelligence (AI) to solve many of the long-standing operational challenges that have held IT organizations back.

Look past the hyperbole and marketing bluster, however, and you’ll find that most enterprises are just scratching the surface with their efforts. But even more importantly, they’re leaving out an essential component — something that will inhibit their ability to either fully adopt AIOps or do it at scale. That missing component? The mainframe.

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Input / Output: A White Paper

I/O Technology Series System Z
Much of the mainframe’s distinction leading to its success was founded on its I/O Architecture. The I/O model and its design implementation was an initial engineering idea which pioneered the unprecedented throughput this platform has had for decades, up to and including today.

While this paper was written almost 15 years ago, most of what is written still holds true today. Architectures are changed or updated, the power of successive mainframe hardware platforms are increased, Z/OS is continuously improved, but mainframe I/O is still one of the main reasons that the mainframe has been, and continues to be the champion of transaction throughput.

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Digital Transformation in the New Normal: The Importance of Building Resilient Businesses
Digital Transformation in the New Normal

Technology Evaluation Centers
The COVID-19 pandemic presented an opportunity to accelerate digital transformation. Companies that pivoted quickly to resume operations with a remote workforce, migrated customer support to virtual call centers, reconfigured supply lines around quarantines, and adopted multiple channels for sales and customer communications suffered the least.

The pandemic has drawn the virtues of business agility, organizational resilience, and robust communications in sharp relief. It has also brought home the importance of anticipating crises and having response strategies in place before they strike.

Having a critical event management (CEM) platform in place can be the cornerstone of a digital transformation strategy. Organizations that use the lessons they have learned to make themselves more resilient will emerge stronger and better prepared for whatever unknown challenges lie ahead.
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In-Memory Trends and Db2 for zOS
Whitepaper In-Memory Trends

Your mainframe systems are continually asked to do more and more processing. This is increasing your operating costs and making it difficult to maintain budget while remaining competitive. If changes aren’t made your customer’s experience will diminish and day-to-day operations will become more difficult.

Learn how you can leverage in-memory technology to continue growing your business while offering the service your customers expect.

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Reporting on Tailored Fit Pricing Enterprise Consumption

Enterprise Consumption is a fundamentally different pricing model to the traditional Rolling 4-Hour Average-based model. However, your company’s need to control its budgets have not changed. In this reprint of an article from Cheryl Watson’s Tuning Letter 2020 No. 3, Todd Havekost proposes ways to track your MSU consumption, and how to identify and investigate situations where your actual consumption is out of line with the expected consumption.

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Tailored Fit Pricing: Get the Most Out of It
eBook Tailored Fit Pricing

Tailored Fit Pricing is not just another IBM pricing model. It can be used to lower your monthly bill, but with additional technology it can greatly reduce your mainframe costs.

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6 Ways In-Memory Technology Can Save You
eBook In-Memory Savings

High-performance in-memory technology helps mainframe data centers access their reference data 100x faster than any other technique.

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Performance Evaluation of Huffman Compression with SAP Banking on IBM Z
IBM Performance Report

Current IBM Z processor family introduced a new technique for compressing data. It provides optimized on-chip compression and uses Huffman encoding to achieve better data compression efficiency than the prior fixed length algorithm. The IBM SAP on Z Performance Team, located in Poughkeepsie, NY, conducted a study to see if there could be any space saving benefit or significant system performance impact for an SAP on Z database from the improved compression algorithm. This study used banking services from SAP, with a database of 100 million accounts.

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Achieving Cost Savings by Optimizing z/OS Systems with ITBI
Optimizing zOS Systems

SMT Data
IBM mainframe installations have a wealth of data about capacity and performance but often struggle to create value from this data. Successful optimization requires tools that create transparency – combined with people and processes focused on cost-hunting. A flexible data warehouse to manage the data and result oriented reporting and analysis tools are a must. It may also be important to enrich the technical data with cost and organizational information in order to understand ‘who is using what and for how much’. SMT Data’s IT Business Intelligence (ITBITM) solution is built for this.

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Guide to CICS Web Services
CICS Web Service Guide Cover

No screen-scraping or legacy code changes – see how to easily create APIs with JavaScript, to integrate CICS with any RPA automation, cloud, web, or mobile app. Learn how to create CICS web services with a JavaScript Engine (HB.js). HB.js runs natively under CICS and exploits IBM z System facilities and architecture. HB.js scripts let you easily integrate and orchestrate CICS apps and transactions.
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HostBridge ZCEE Integration Guide
ZCEE Integration Guide

ZCEE and HB.js can work together to provide API Transformation (ZCEE) and API Implementation (HB.js) for CICS customers. ZCEE was originally created to address the desire of enterprises to expose existing programs via an HTTP-based API. HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js) serves as a perfect complement to ZCEE. Pairing HB.js with ZCEE extends ZCEE’s integration capabilities to allow: Invoking multiple business-logic programs, and Invoking CICS screen-based applications. 
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E-GEN: A DevOps Approach to Building Batch Workflow Automation
ISC Software - E-GEN

International Software Company
The DevOps process relies heavily on automation of the software development lifecycle stages to achieve maximum agility and shortening the time to market. But in the mainframe world, there are still manual processes that take time and are error prone. But that is changing with unique, powerful modern solutions, like E-GEN.

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The Mainframe Lives and Thrives: The Proof

Terry Critchley
There is a story that must be told since it uncovers an injustice visited upon a piece of information technology equipment called a mainframe computer. These, like many such situations displaying bigotry and ignorance, are put forward by people who do not understand the butt of their criticism.

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