Podcasts – Running to the Mainframe

Running to the Mainframe—
Modernization Without Disruption

By: Lee Sullivan

“I ran to the mainframe,” Rocket Software CEO Milan Shetti says with a chuckle, recalling his journey to the IBM zSystems platform. “Mainframe is the backbone of so many industries, and it’s the greenest platform out there.” After decades pioneering IT innovations, Shetti joined Rocket in 2020 with a mission of driving modernization without disruption. In today’s environment, companies need to modernize systems without interruption — upgrading existing mainframe technology without any effect on their operations, investments, or other related processes. It’s a much safer route for gaining access to the latest software tools and solutions, as compared with riskier “rip and replace” or “lift and shift” alternatives. In this podcast, Shetti and IBM zSystems Ecosystem VP Meredith Stowell discuss Shetti’s journey to the mainframe, feedback from clients and the community based on his recent interaction, and what’s resonating in the market in these rapidly changing times. Listen for their insights into where zSystems is headed during 2023!

Source: via z/Action! Podcast