2024 Influential Mainframers

This month, Planet Mainframe celebrates influential mainframers nominated by the community. The field benefits from their efforts in making the mainframe what it is today and working towards the mainframe of tomorrow.

Today we feature a trailblazer, market influencer, and a leading voice in modern mainframe DevOps.

Vaughn Marshall

Senior Principal Product Manager, Broadcom

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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With a distinguished career spanning over two decades in IT, Vaughn Marshall has held various roles, including development, quality assurance, and software change and configuration management. His expertise has been instrumental in designing, implementing, and automating software development lifecycle processes for multiple Fortune 500 companies. 

Marshall steers product management for Broadcom Software’s Endevor, a solution designed to automate the development process and govern software change.  He passionately works alongside customers to tailor products that address the exigencies of the modern software factory.

Marshall’s professional journey is a testament to his adaptive expertise and dedication to the mainframe ecosystem. Initially starting on the mainframe, Vaughn explored open systems and consulting, only to rekindle his connection with it. 

“The mainframe community, with its blend of highly skilled professionals and a culture of mentorship and support, has been a constant source of inspiration for me,” Marshall reflects. His daily interactions with people and customers in the mainframe ecosystem are professional transactions and a source of genuine pleasure and enrichment.

Regarded as more than an industry specialist, Marshall is celebrated as a visionary and a key influencer in modern DevOps practices for the mainframe. His commitment to easing the developers’ workload through innovative and modern solutions underscores his passion for the field. Vaughn’s leadership in mainframe DevOps solutions has led to significant advancements spanning articles, videos, and notable presentations.

His advocacy for the Z Platform and Zowe open-source project reflects his dedication to propelling the mainframe community forward. Marshall’s presence at premier industry events such as SHARE, IBM Think, and IBM Tech University highlights his authority on integrating modern development tools into the mainframe environment, and his desire to facilitate easier access for new developers.

Marshall extends his influence by actively engaging with community groups such as OMP, Db2, and MainframerZ. Through his participation and insights, he promotes the Z platform and shares cutting-edge development practices, significantly enriching the community and fostering collaboration.

Vaughn Marshall’s dedication to empowering developers and advancing customer success on the mainframe is unmistakable. His journey mirrors the evolving landscape of mainframe technology, and his efforts shape a future where the mainframe seamlessly integrates with contemporary DevOps methodologies, ensuring its relevance and vitality for years to come.