2024 Influential Mainframers

This month, Planet Mainframe celebrates influential mainframers nominated by the community. The field benefits from their efforts in making the mainframe what it is today and working towards the mainframe of tomorrow.

Today we recognize a seasoned strategist and leader and one of the top experts in z/OS mainframe cybersecurity.

Steve Hosie

Cybersecurity Executive Advisor & Strategist, Broadcom

Indian Hills, Colorado, USA

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Steve Hosie is an eminent figure in cybersecurity, boasting over 38 years of experience with a particular focus on z/OS mainframe security. His career embarked from a fascination with computers, sparked by his stepdad Gary in 1976, leading him through a self-driven educational path into the intricacies of computing. His transition into cybersecurity crystallized during his service in the Marine Corps, where he specialized in IBM mainframe security, earning recognition and accolades for his expertise.

Renowned for his deep understanding across all cybersecurity facets—from audits to policy formulation—Steve is celebrated for his integrity and dedication to protecting critical infrastructures. His expertise extends to regulatory and compliance standards such as SSAE16, RMF, FISMA, NIST, and PCI DSS, making him a critical asset in navigating today’s cybersecurity challenges.

As a USMC Veteran and an IBM Champion, Steve’s commitment to excellence and service is unparalleled. His career has been influenced by mentors and industry colleagues who have shaped his approach to leadership and mentorship. He emphasizes the importance of supporting others in their professional journey, highlighting the reciprocal nature of mentorship and the impact of positive leadership.

Reflecting on his journey and the influences in his life, Steve remarks, “My stepdad, Gary, planted the seed of curiosity for computing in me, but it was the mentorship and camaraderie within the Marine Corps and later in the cybersecurity field that truly shaped my career. The individuals I’ve met along the way, from MGySgt Roy Bassett to recent inspirations like Lauren Valenti, have not only inspired me but also reinforced my commitment to mentorship and excellence.”

Steve Hosie stands as a pillar in the cybersecurity realm, his contributions shaping the security landscape and his ethos inspiring the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. His story is one of continuous learning, service, and the transformative power of mentorship in achieving professional excellence.