2024 Influential Mainframers

This month, Planet Mainframe celebrates influential mainframers nominated by the community. The field benefits from their efforts in making the mainframe what it is today and working towards the mainframe of tomorrow.

Today we are showcasing an ambassador and leader in the open mainframe movement.

Rose Sakach

Offering Manager, Broadcom

Burlington, Massachusetts, USA

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Rose is a testament to the innovative and steadfast spirit that drives the mainframe industry forward. She is an outstanding advocate for the platform with an Open Mainframe focus. She is deeply involved in the Zowe community as an Open Mainframe Project (OMP) Ambassador, holding positions as a Zowe Squad Lead, a Zowe Technical Steering Committee member, and currently, Zowe Advisory Council Chair. 

Her dedication to the integration and evolution of mainframe tooling has been central to her work as an Offering Manager at Broadcom, where she focuses on solutions that bridge mainframe technology with cutting-edge automation for enterprise systems.

Sakach’s 30-plus years in IT led her to excel in application development, systems programming, operations, product administration, consulting services, and product management. One of Rose’s most cherished professional memories takes her back to the cusp of the new millennium. 

 “My favorite mainframe-related memory is being in the office and actively on call while working at a huge Bank on New Year’s Eve in 1999,” said Sakach. “So many of us worked the overnight shift that evening, including Systems Admins, Developers, Team Leaders, & Systems Programmers. We were all prepared for a real disaster recovery test many feared coming with Y2K. Thankfully it was a very long, boring evening. We experienced no issues, which is so typical for the mainframe. It has been and continues to be a silent, unsung hero.”

Sakach shares her message through frequent speaking engagements and leadership in various technical exchanges. Her article on Medium, “Zowe’s 5-Year Journey from Concept to Key Modernization Enabler for Mainframe,” highlights Zowe’s transformative role in mainframe modernization. A featured guest on TechStrong TV and a best-session award winner for her “Zowe, the First 5 Years” presentation at SHARE Atlanta, she has become a recognized advocate for modernizing mainframe environments.

Sakach’s career exemplifies a blend of deep technical expertise and a commitment to the broader mainframe community. Her leadership, coupled with a hands-on approach, propels mainframe modernization and nurtures a collaborative environment where the mainframe workforce—past, present, and future—can thrive.