2024 Influential Mainframers

This month, Planet Mainframe celebrates influential mainframers nominated by the community. The field benefits from their efforts in making the mainframe what it is today and working towards the mainframe of tomorrow.

Today we are featuring a trailblazer, pushing open-source vibes and modern tech into the old-school mainframe scene.

Rosalind Radcliffe

IBM Fellow, CTO for CIO Technology Platform, IBM

Research Triangle Park, NC, USA

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Rosalind Radcliffe is a big deal at IBM, rocking the title of IBM Fellow and CTO for the CIO Technology Platform out in Research Triangle Park, NC. According to one of her nominations, “Rosalind is a visionary who played a key role in bringing a lot of open-source technologies, processes, and culture into the mainframe operating system and within the mainframe community.”

Before she became the tech superstar she is today, Rosalind was the one you’d thank for making z/OS systems friendlier with modern dev practices, and helping folks navigate the tricky waters of DevOps transformations. “I have been inspired by her books /talks on bringing DevOps to Mainframe and Enterprise Standardization. She has been a key thought leader in bringing the mainframe to mainstream. She was instrumental within IBM to bring products that support mainframe development in Git and Git-based workflows.” She’s a regular on the conference circuit, an inventor, part of the IBM Academy of Technology, and even wrote a book on fixing enterprise-level bugs.

Rosalind’s journey started with mainframes, and she’s seen them evolve from lone data crunchers to key players in today’s cloud and AI mix. She’s jazzed about their future, especially with their reliability, efficiency, and how they’re stepping up their game with AI, proving they’ve still got it in the tech world.