2024 Influential Mainframers

This month, Planet Mainframe celebrates influential mainframers nominated by the community. The field benefits from their efforts in making the mainframe what it is today and working towards the mainframe of tomorrow.

Today we showcase someone with outstanding technical understanding and an unmatched ability to inspire and lead within the industry.

Georges Kopp

Chief Financial Officer, Adean

Angers, France

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While many of our mainframe influencers were first introduced to the mainframe in college, Georges’s first exposure happened when he was just 13 years old. “When I was 13, my Maths teacher took us to a computer center, where we programmed in Fortran IV in a Mainframe S/370 with punched cards!” he recalls fondly.

Georges attended Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where he received his Master’s in Economics. A few short years later, Georges found himself working as an accountant at a stainless steel manufacturer using an IBM System/38. His need for more data led him to begin programming on the system, and the rest is mainframe history.

Throughout his career, Georges has worked in banking, insurance, and manufacturing, programming COBOL, C++, PROLOG, JAVA, and more. He is considered a technologist and a business analyst, making him a key asset to the many organizations he works with.

Georges is a recognized mainframe thought leader and IBM Champion for multiple consecutive years. His track record of excellence and influence in the mainframe ecosystem showcases his technical acumen and his ability to inspire and lead within the industry.