2024 Influential Mainframers

This month, Planet Mainframe celebrates influential mainframers nominated by the community. The field benefits from their efforts in making the mainframe what it is today and working towards the mainframe of tomorrow.

Today, we showcase someone widely known in the industry for his mix of technical and business acumen in mainframe and database technology.

Chris Crone

Distinguished Engineer — Database Technologies,

San Jose, California, USA

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Chris Crone is a Distinguished Engineer for Database Technology and the lead architect for the Data Management portfolio within the Mainframe Division at Broadcom Software Group. In this capacity, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategy and architecture decisions for Broadcom’s database offerings, including IDMS and Datacom, as well as the Db2 and IBM Tools portfolios. 

His journey into the world of mainframes began during his college years at California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo. Starting in 1985, Crone’s early exposure to mainframe technology set the stage for a flourishing career that would see him deeply involved in the development of Db2 for z/OS shortly after graduating.  “After graduating from college, I started working on Db2 for z/OS. It was a great time to be involved with the mainframe—MVS ESA was new, and with 2GB of addressability, the sky was the limit for a product like Db2.”

Crone’s tenure at IBM was marked by significant achievements, including contributing to a successful IBM patent and being recognized as a Distinguished Engineer for the Db2 for z/OS development team. His work has been instrumental in enabling significant advancements in how data is managed on mainframes. 

He has spearheaded initiatives aimed at improving the efficiency of using multinational data in applications, scaling workloads both horizontally and vertically, and introducing flexible controls for the activation of new system capabilities.

With an extensive background in mainframe database technology, Crone has a deep understanding of the synergies between hardware and software and how they can be leveraged to address complex challenges. He is actively involved in customer relations, guiding new development projects, setting priorities, and offering strategic advice on technology utilization to meet business objectives.

 Crone is also a well-regarded figure in the Db2 community, often sharing his insights at conferences. His contributions to the field have been recognized with his return as an IBM 2024 Champion, underlining his ongoing impact and leadership in the world of mainframe database technology.