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IBM Mainframe

The IBM Mainframe: The most powerful and cost-effective computing platform for business

Many of we mainframe pundits have written about the robustness, power, perseverance, capacity and more importantly, the cost-effectiveness of the mainframe (Allingham, Sun, Peleg), including myself. But what about showing the superiority of the mainframe using real numbers, comparing it[...]
DevOps Approach

A DevOps Approach to Building Batch Workflow Automation

Treating Artifacts as Code in DevOps “...there are still manual processes that take time and are error prone.” The DevOps process relies heavily on automation of the software development lifecycle stages to achieve maximum agility while drastically shortening the time to market[...]
IMS Usage

More On IMS Usage

Understanding how an Input Message sent by an IMS Connect Client to IMS Connect works when OTMA NAKs the Input Message  IMS Connect (ICON) is the TCP/IP gateway for IMS. So, besides running the traditional IMS transactions on z/OS, an IMS[...]

Recent Blog Posts

Attract More Women to zSystems

Three ways to make zSystems more attractive to women

IT is still a male-dominated industry, and nowhere more so than in the zSystems environment. That’s something we need to change. So I was very pleased to hear my colleague Michelle Harris discussing this very subject on IBM’s z/Action! podcast with[...]
Planet Mainframe News

Hot Off the Press Mainframe News

IBM Announces z/OS 3.1 Will Embrace AI IBM has released a teaser for its much anticipated Quarter 3 2023 z/OS upgrade.  “IBM® z/OS® 3.1 marks a new era in operating system intelligence,” begins the announcement which heralds a new AI-infused, hybrid-cloud operating[...]
ODP Dashboards

Updates to ODP Dashboards, improved Instana Integration and Machine Learning direction

OMEGAMON Tech Summit – live in Milan, Rome and Madrid Before I get into the product update details, there are a collection of live events coming up to talk about OMEGAMON futures. These events are targeting Italian and Spanish customers with[...]

Test Your Mainframe Knowledge

The rise of cloud computing in recent decades has probably led some to believe that on-premise mainframe computing has become obsolete. Not so! In fact, argues Tamal Das, in a recent article outlining the similarities and differences (♧ HINT) between the two[...]
Arcati 2023

All You Need To Know About Mainframes

One bright spot for many mainframers, in what can be a very dull January, is the arrival of the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook. The 2023 edition of this well-respected publication is now available and completely free. Let’s take a look at[...]

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Within the Planet Mainframe collaborative environment, members work to provide the mainframe community with access to articles, workshops, online events and the Planet Mainframe blog to share best practices and innovative approaches to the continually evolving world of mainframe technology.

The founding members of Planet Mainframe represent the world’s leading and highly specialized independent software vendors (ISVs) within the highly complex Mainframe and z Systems ecosystems.

As Planet Mainframe continues to flourish, new members are reminded of the few simple ideals upon which the mainframe alliance has been founded:

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