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IBM Mainframe

The IBM Mainframe: The most powerful and cost-effective computing platform for business

Many of we mainframe pundits have written about the robustness, power, perseverance, capacity and more importantly, the cost-effectiveness of the mainframe (Allingham, Sun, Peleg), including myself. But what about showing the superiority of the mainframe using real numbers, comparing it[...]
DevOps Approach

A DevOps Approach to Building Batch Workflow Automation

Treating Artifacts as Code in DevOps “...there are still manual processes that take time and are error prone.” The DevOps process relies heavily on automation of the software development lifecycle stages to achieve maximum agility while drastically shortening the time to market[...]
IMS Usage

More On IMS Usage

Understanding how an Input Message sent by an IMS Connect Client to IMS Connect works when OTMA NAKs the Input Message  IMS Connect (ICON) is the TCP/IP gateway for IMS. So, besides running the traditional IMS transactions on z/OS, an IMS[...]

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 In the Db2 for z/OS module called DSNZPARM (ZPARM, for short), which provides the configuration settings for a Db2 subsystem, there is a parameter named SEPARATE_SECURITY. This ZPARM was introduced with Db2 10, and its purpose is to enable a[...]
mainframe modernization

Know Your Isolation Levels to Develop Correct and Efficient Db2 Programs

Did you know that Db2 provides a method to change the way a program or SQL statement acquires locks? That way is known as the isolation level and it can be set to specify the locking behavior for a transaction[...]
Cloud Workloads

New IBM Cloud security features you should know

Cybersecurity is always in a state of change. There are new security features and new attack methods - or was it the other way? Over the past months, several new security features were added to IBM Cloud. In this blog[...]
Learning COBOL

Nurturing new mainframe talent: five key lessons

The tide is definitely turning: organizations are replacing the outdated narrative that the mainframe is ‘old’ tech with a more objective view focusing on how IBM Z can support their business over the long term, while also contributing to digital[...]
Systems Handbook

Handy AIOps on IBM zSystems Handbook - A user experience

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a joint mainframe study between IBM and a large financial services company in Europe. As part of that study also the customer's service management processes were explored and the goal was to[...]

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