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Kyndryl announces new DVLA mainframe services contract

The UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has announced a new two-year contract with IT infrastructure services provider Kyndryl. Valued at £6.45 million ($8.21 million), the contract follows a previous agreement between DVLA and IBM (from which Kyndryl spun off in 2021).

DVLA will use Kyndryl’s zCloud managed mainframe services on the zCloud as part of its ongoing program to modernize its existing systems. According to the agency’s website, DVLA holds more than 50 million driver records and more than 40 million vehicle records and collects over £7 billion ($8.91 billion) annually in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED).

Kyndryl’s press release emphasized that the continuity of mainframe services will be an essential part of the modernization journey for DVLA.

“Kyndryl is honored to be able to continue our successful collaboration with the DVLA,” said John Chambers, Kyndryl UK & Ireland president. “By collaborating to achieve successful business transformation and continuity, we’re proud to help the DVLA with its goals of becoming a dynamic digital organization and a great place to work, keeping customers and citizens at the center of every decision.”

Source: Kyndryl, DVLA

Compass UOL accelerates modernization in banking platforms with Gen AI

Compass UOL, a global company that drives Enterprise Transformation through Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies, has announced a program that offers Automated Mainframe Modernization (AMM) to financial institutions.

Compass UOL’s new tool promises to speed up the mainframe modernization process while minimizing the risk associated with migration from the original Cobol and Assembler code. 

According to the company, AMM is an alternative solution for situations in which IT executives decide to take advantage of modern programming languages, new technological stacks, and the cloud. The new program combines Compass UOL’s AI Cockpit, a Gen AI proprietary software engineering suite, with a partnership with mLogica, a digital transformation company.

“Fintechs used to partner with banks to give their new apps access to all these core mainframe processes,” said Alexis Rockenbach, CEO of Compass UOL. “Imagine if banks created the new apps themselves.”

When speaking about the new partnership, mLogica’s CEO, Amit Okhandiar, emphasized the complex assets of the mainframe environment: 

“As part of the strategic relationship with Compass UOL, mLogica provides mainframe re-platforming solutions, mainframe code conversion (refactoring) software solutions, and Compass UOL offers the testing, validations, program management, requirement identification, business area validations, and code improvements to desired target architectures needed to bring these assets to the cloud,” he explained.

The new AMM program is in line with Compass UOL’s stated goals to use its Gen AI tools to help bring about a faster evolution of payments, digital banking, real-time operations, and banking and capital markets platforms and journeys.
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