Mainframe Education
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By: Angelica Giraldo

Like many, when I’m not working, my second full-time job is taking care of my fur baby. As a dog owner, I am always on the lookout for the newest and most interesting gadgets to make dog ownership a little less of a hassle. One of the recent gadgets I purchased wasn’t intuitive to use, so I did what I most dread doing: I pulled out the old-fashioned owner’s manual. With black and white smudged ink on what resembled tissue paper, I could hardly make heads or tails out of the instructions. 

How nice would it have been to simply have a URL to visit, with clear videos to help polish my understanding?

My own experience here in searching for easy-to-use training reminded me of how proud I am to work in the Broadcom Mainframe Education department, which provides high-quality training for our customers – whether you’re new to the mainframe, or an experienced mainframe professional. 

Education Paths for All Experience Levels

Looking to improve your mainframe skills and advance your career? Then our comprehensive training programs–suitable for mainframers of all experience levels–are for you. Here’s a look at our education offerings:

  • Our web-based training is available at no cost to customers on active maintenance, and is designed to help you quickly and easily refresh your skills. Here, you can access a range of courses that will help you maintain or improve your skill set, and you’ll have the opportunity to earn accredited digital badges that you can proudly display on social platforms.
  • Our Mainframe eLearning Library can help you take your mainframe skills to the next level. This at-cost training library offers vendor-agnostic training, combining our web-based-training product offerings with Interskill’s IBM content. By completing these courses, you’ll earn both Broadcom and IBM skills credentials, providing you with a valuable addition to your career path.
  • Our instructor-led training courses offer a more interactive training experience, and are available at little to no cost to you. Our schedule features upcoming classes on Endevor, OPS/MVS, and other products. We are continually adding classes to the schedule, so be sure to bookmark the site and check back often. 

If you don’t see the product or offering you’re looking for, don’t worry. Contact us to discuss your training needs and what options are available to help you achieve your goals.

Helping New Mainframers Develop Technical Skills

If you’re new to mainframe and looking for a comprehensive training program that will help you develop the skills you need to succeed, look no further than our Mainframe Academy. This six-week virtual program combines both instructor-led and web-based training to provide you with a multimodal learning experience that covers everything from core systems programming skills to earning a digital badge and certificate as a certified mainframe professional through Pearson Vue.

For those looking to develop their technical skills, our Mainframe Foundations Program is a great choice. This eight-week program is based on hands-on workshops taught by our mainframe experts, giving you practical experience in a supportive learning environment.

And, if you’re looking to be a part of addressing industry skill gaps and become an expert in Broadcom mainframe products, our Vitality Program is designed with you in mind. This unparalleled residency program includes up to six months of instructor-led training, followed by an additional six months of residency at a customer organization. 

Get Started With Mainframe Training

No matter where you are in your mainframe career, we have the training programs to help you take your skills to the next level. Get more detail in this overview of Broadcom Education offerings. Or, contact us about our offerings to see how we can help you achieve your goals:

Vitality Program:

Broadcom Mainframe Software Division empowers enterprises to amplify the value of their mainframe investments in ways that drive their business forward. Our market-leading DevOps, AIOps, Cybersecurity and Compliance, Data Management, and Foundational & Open Software solutions enable clients to adopt common tools using industry standards and integrate mainframe as part of their hybrid cloud. Our commitment to partnership extends beyond software and features Beyond Code programs that give customers the power to achieve greater business success with the platform.