Outbuff ZPARM

Over the past year or so, I’ve seen more and more situations in which a too-small Db2 for z/OS log output buffer is negatively impacting system and application performance. The Db2 development team took aggressive action to remedy that situation via a change to the default value of OUTBUFF (the relevant ZPARM parameter) with Db2 13, but if you are not yet on Db2 13 you should make this change yourself in your Db2 12 environment (and, if you are on Db2 13, you should definitely be using the new OUTBUFF default, or an even higher value). In this blog entry I’ll provide information that I hope will make all of this clear and meaningful for you.

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Robert Catterall is a Senior Consulting Db2 for z/OS Specialist with IBM. He has worked in IT for 37 years, and has worked with Db2 for z/OS - as an IBMer, an independent consultant, and a user - since 1987.