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Introducing the new single frame and rack mount configurations of IBM z16 and IBM LinuxOne 4

IBM’s Z series might be the industry standard bearers for security and reliability, but for small to medium-sized businesses without a lot of floor space, a full-sized mainframe might just be a bit much. To address the needs of these businesses, IBM has introduced a  new rack mount Z16 LinuxOne configuration.

The new configuration will provide businesses with the local processing power they need while optimizing flexibility and sustainability. According to IBM, the single frame and rack mount configurations feature partition-level power monitoring and additional environmental metrics that can potentially help reduce a client’s carbon footprint: 

“Consolidating Linux workloads on an IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper 4 instead of running them on compared x86 servers with similar conditions and location can reduce energy consumption by 75% and space by 67%.”

For small to medium-sized businesses IBM’s new offerings provide substantially improved  options for their edge computing needs while providing IBM with a wider market for their products. 

Source: IBM

Port of Barcelona Modernizes Mainframe Technology and Advances Sustainability with Kyndryl

Kyndryl, the world’s largest provider of IT infrastructure services, has announced the transformation of the Port of Barcelona’s Port Community System (PCS)  into a state-of-the-art technology platform running on the mainframe with high capacity and processing speed. 

This massive technological undertaking became necessary due to the increase in maritime traffic as well as a greater need for innovation and sustainability. 

With the fastest processor on the market and greater efficiency in terms of both economic and energy expenditure, IBM’s LinuxOne was the choice for the renewal of hardware technology. The choice of LinuxOne alone will provide significant savings and the elimination of more than 175 metric tons of CO2 emissions over the next five years.

The massive project included a migration to a new high-security data processing center as well as the installation of a second backup data center that increases resilience and ensures zero downtime in the face of unforeseen events. 

With the ever-increasing need for responsiveness facing the Port, the new platform automates the processes of information exchange between the different actors of the port community, allowing secure communication and connectivity with more than 400 mail messages per minute.

This incredibly complex transformation took place in less than a year, and according to David Serral, CIO of the Port of Barcelona the project has been overwhelmingly successful:

“Our collaboration with Kyndryl is proving key to underpinning the positioning and competitiveness of the Port of Barcelona. The technological and business knowledge of their teams has meant that today, PORTIC is running on a more agile and modern infrastructure, with much higher performance and capacity, and with maximum guarantees in scalability and cybersecurity,”

Source: Kyndryl

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