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Among other tech trends like AI, cloud computing, and decentralized systems, Deloitte Insights Magazine listed mainframe modernization as one of the top six tech trends of 2023. While the article acknowledges that the word “mainframe” in a list of the hottest tech trends might seem unlikely, the importance of linking legacy hardware to emerging technologies is indisputable for many businesses at this point.

While mainframes once seemed destined for the dustbin of history, the article notes, “a funny thing happened on the road to obsolescence. People kept using mainframes. No matter how attractive cloud platforms become or how imperative modern features are to leading businesses, the mainframe continues to offer a compelling value proposition.” 

The article delves into the case of Meuhedet, an Israeli health insurance and care provider. According to Katy Bar-Shalom, the organization’s chief information officer: “The vision is not to move on from legacy systems—because they work. The things they do are good, just not good enough. But with layers, web services, and applications, we can enlarge and bring new data and insights to our medical staff.”

This is where the complex work of mainframe modernization has become a vital tool to keep the mainframe thriving into the future. Even given challenges like cost and the dearth of skilled workers in the field, the article maintains that mainframes have much to offer. And with modernizing technology that connects and extends mainframe tools, “mainframes are likely to grow even more capable and continue as the choice for enterprises.”
Source: Deloitte Insights Magazine

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