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IBM Mainframe

The IBM Mainframe: The most powerful and cost-effective computing platform for business

Many of we mainframe pundits have written about the robustness, power, perseverance, capacity and more importantly, the cost-effectiveness of the mainframe (Allingham, Sun, Peleg), including myself. But what about showing the superiority of the mainframe using real numbers, comparing it[...]
DevOps Approach

A DevOps Approach to Building Batch Workflow Automation

Treating Artifacts as Code in DevOps “...there are still manual processes that take time and are error prone.” The DevOps process relies heavily on automation of the software development lifecycle stages to achieve maximum agility while drastically shortening the time to market[...]
IMS Usage

More On IMS Usage

Understanding how an Input Message sent by an IMS Connect Client to IMS Connect works when OTMA NAKs the Input Message  IMS Connect (ICON) is the TCP/IP gateway for IMS. So, besides running the traditional IMS transactions on z/OS, an IMS[...]

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Our industry needs to stop hitting the snooze button

Vertali launches New to Mainframes (NTM) program The results of a survey by RSH Consulting, Inc. made sobering reading this January. Far from being a wake-up call concerning the worrying lack of trained mainframers, particularly in security, it appears the industry[...]
Embracing the Challenge

Embracing the Challenge: Women and the IBM zSystems Platform

When UNICOM's Michelle Harris started her career in the IBM zSystems world 30 years ago, women were a rarity. Today there are boundless opportunities for women on the zSystems platform, but nurturing them requires dedicated attention. Programs like IBM Z[...]

CMG 48th Annual Conference, IMPACT Champions The New Mainframe Generation

This February 21 through 23, Computer Measurement Group, known as CMG, will offer its 48th annual conference, IMPACT. For almost half of a decade, the non-profit organization has brought together enterprise technology professionals for sessions and networking with an emphasis[...]
Protect Your Business

Why you need to protect your business with IBM Z Cyber Vault

It seems like every week there is a new story of a major company or organization being affected by a cyber-attack. It might be a ransomware attack, stolen user data, or other disruption to services, and may be initiated either[...]
Greening the Mainframe Grass

Greening the Mainframe Grass: How to Optimize ROI for Mainframes

If you drive around suburbia in the summer, you'll probably notice that some lawns are greener than others. It's not because the grass on those lawns is genetically superior, or because the soil on one side of the fence is richer[...]

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The founding members of Planet Mainframe represent the world’s leading and highly specialized independent software vendors (ISVs) within the highly complex Mainframe and z Systems ecosystems.

As Planet Mainframe continues to flourish, new members are reminded of the few simple ideals upon which the mainframe alliance has been founded:

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